Providing opportunities for joint economic and social development for Palestinians and Israelis. We work in order to achieve a peaceful present and future.

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Be part of educational programing that is key for connecting and understanding each others cultures, opinions and needs.

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Join us and become a partner in improving our future


“Together” works to create business opportunities and ventures between Israelis and Palestinians; we produce strategies that facilitate a better economic future for both parties.


“Together” is very active in the educational sector; we actively create projects that spread our messaging to children, teens and community members growing up in this painful reality. Our members are constantly organizing delegations from different schools in order to encourage values such as tolerance, mutuality and accepting the other.

For Peace

“Together” represents the communal longing of Palestinians and Israelis who want a better life together. We work to provide hope to Palestinians and Israelis, and reassure them that peace and living harmony is possible.