About Us

Members of the foundation are people from the Palestinian and Israeli narrative. We are citizens who have collectively experienced the occupation and its destructive effects on both sides.


“Together” enterprise is dedicated to bringing Palestinians and Israelis closer together. Our efforts are aimed towards growing long lasting relationships within the territories and outside of it.

The “Together” foundation provides collaborative opportunities for Palestinians and Israelis within the economic and social spheres in order to create an environment where acceptance and understanding of each other’s cultures, opinions and needs are fostered. In addition, the “Together” foundation actively advocates to eradicate the current violations of Palestinian rights (land stealing, humiliation, exploitation and inappropriate employment; among others). Unfortunately, these violations are taking place every day by the Israeli government and radical settlers.


To inspire hope among Israelis and Palestinians who desire a peaceful coexistence with each other, as well as cultivate international recognition about our yearning for a peaceful coexistence. The “Together” foundation acts with no connection to political parties.

“Together” members are intellectuals from various fields, that reside within the conflict zone and in communities around the world; we act for the sake of our children’s best interest. Our members hope to break the barriers of acceptance that stimulate hatred in our communities.